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The agony of choice: You are now faced with planning your brand-new shower and cannot decide which shower door is best. But are there any major differences? And how! We’ll tell you which shower doors go best with your bathroom.

Big, small, or angled – every bathroom is different and requires a very special shower for itself. Once you have decided on a suitable shower shape, you ask yourself the important question of which doors you should use. We will find out together with you which shower door type you want!

Adapt to the circumstances
Before you take a closer look at the different types of doors, you should first consider certain factors:
1. Are the walls stable enough to mount a glass door with wall hinges, for example? If this is not the case, a door on a fixed piece of glass would be an option.

2. How should the built-in shower doors open? You should note whether doors opening inwards can be folded in despite the shower fitting. For doors that open to the outside, the top priority is as follows: The door must not swing anywhere! Therefore, you should calculate the space required for the toilet, washbasin, and the like in advance.

“The indoor shower” – interior doors

Once you have made sure which requirements your bathroom meets, you will find out more about your shower door type right away. If the following criteria apply to your goals in the bathroom, you are almost certainly an “indoor shower”!

This is what you want to achieve in your bathroom

  • Save a lot of space
  • Make optimal use of the available space
  • Avoid custom-made products with expensive glass cut-outs

Why interior doors are right for you?

As the name suggests, internal doors can only be opened inwards and are therefore ideal for a small bathroom. The sides are reversible, which means they can be mounted on the left or right. The practical thing about an interior door is that it can be swiveled inwards an approx. 80 degrees to clean with the help of wall hinges.

If you are looking for a particularly practical and at the same time spacious solution for your bathroom, you should choose a combination of an inner door and a second, outward-opening door.

Shower cubicle with inner door

Practical tricks for installation

In addition to a bathtub, a corner shower with an inner door is particularly suitable. This saves you having to custom-make a shortened fixed glass wall on the bathtub, as the difference in height to the top edge of the bathtub does not matter.

If the shower is placed in a niche in the wall or next to a wall for the toilet or washbasin, the inner door is installed next to the wall and no glass cut-out has to be made to measure for the wall.

The interaction of an inner door with a second door on a fixed glass part can avoid a conflict with a washbasin or bathroom furniture in the vicinity.

With quarter-circle showers, it is advantageous to mount an inner door in combination with the second outward-opening door: e.g., next to a towel radiator, since a preheated towel can be brought into the shower by opening the inner door.

“The shower commuter” – swing doors

Can your shower door be a little more flexible? Then you might be characterized by the properties of a “pendulum shower”!

This is what you want to achieve in your bathroom

  • An exclusive modern design
  • An optimal entry with minimal space requirements
  • Security and comfort
Shower cubicle with inner door
  • You could integrate swing doors into your bathroom to save space.

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