Aluminum storefront Door and windows

What today is known as storefront glazing, is a combination of Glass and aluminum framing used in single or 2 stories commercial building for doors and windows. Using aluminum in storefront glazing is a crucial factor.

Aluminum is great in many aspects fabrication, transparency, installation and has a long life period. The only downside to aluminum framing is heat conductivity, but with new engineering techniques, we can build thermally broken aluminum storefronts which we will discuss more on this page.

Storefronts glazing are suitable for exterior and interior. A wide range of in-stock and customized finishes are available for rapid delivery and installation.

Storefront Door and Windows

Here we will separate storefronts glazing into part, doors, and window and provide information about each one separately. Also in continuation of that, you can find more information about thermally broken storefronts and the use of that in commercial buildings.

Aluminum Storefront Windows

The section of storefronts that are fixed and not portable is concerned Storefront window. Storefront Windows can be installed from the floor to the ceiling or start on top of a pony wall.

These windows are designed in sections to lower the cost of glass or in order to add architectural patterns. Depending on the designer and customers’ choice there three options on where the glazing is located.

  • Center glazing
    In this configuration, glass is located in the center of the frame and will have the same look from outside and inside.
  •  Front glazing
    In this configuration, glass is located flash with the exterior of the frame, and from inside framing looks deeper.

Aluminum Storefront Doors

When it comes to the doors in storefronts there are many options available depending on the use of the door. In general, there are Sliding and Swinging doors. And each one has different categories such as the number of doors, size, type of closer, and glazing.

Here we will share some common information with you. For more information please contact us and one of our storefronts specialists will help you throughout the project and you can ask questions and describe your needs.

  • Door Types:
    1. Swinging doors
    Swing doors are suitable for small businesses, restaurants, and offices. The lower cost of maintenance and availability to add Automatic Doors Closers makes the Swinging doors a great choice for storefronts.
    2. Sliding doors.
    Sliding storefront doors are usually used in locations where there is a high volume of visitors like hotels, malls, hospitals. Sliding doors can be single, double, telescopic, and mostly with automatic closer.
  • Hinges:
    Swinging doors operate with different types of hinges systems to provide different functionality. A common type of hinge system in storefront Doors are:
    I. Offset
    II. Butterfly
    III. Concealed center
  • Existing device:
    Exiting devices or Panic Bars are designed and used to allow users to open the doors from inside without the need for keys or handles, this is will make a better experience for users especially for people with special needs. For some reason, in many buildings, it is required to use Panic Bars.
  • Door closer:
    Almost on all commercial Door closers, there is a door closer, but you may not know door closers are an addition to your door. And there are the different kinds that you can use, such as Offset or Concealed door closer.
  • Glazing:
    When it comes to glazing in storefronts, there are many variables that must be covered by your glass specialist sales representative. Different glass can add Safety features, artistic views, soundproofing, cost savings in energy, and overall cost of glazing in your project. So make sure you ask questions about your options and share your needs.
  • Automatic Doors:
    Adding an automatic door closer/opener system will improve the user experience. The most door can be automated by adding an automatic door closer system. This functionality can improve user experience as well as it is used in will call entrances, delivery doors, and for use of handicaps.

Thermally broken Aluminum storefronts

Thermally broken Aluminum storefronts

Aluminum has a high-temperature conductivity. With improvements in manufacturing process engineering design a new type of Aluminum extrusion with a core of low conductivity of heat that brake the extrusion in 2 separate parts, And these prevent energy lost in building through storefronts framing.

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