Custom Glass Partition Wall
Glass Specialist manufactures custom glass doors and walls, which can act as a partition between (home) offices or practical areas. Glass walls are designed to provide optimal transparency in office environments. The added value of our glass wall designs are on the one hand, in the comfortably closing hinge technology and, on the other hand, in the closing technology that allows the door to be opened in both directions, if necessary, without parts. embedded in the hinges. All techniques are modular in design, which means that the direction of rotation can be changed later for maximum flexibility.

Best glass choices for partition walls

Glass walls and doors can be finished with different types of glass. The most flexible version is the 3/8 of inch clear tempered glass for optimal transparency between rooms. The glass can have geometric patterns or your company logo after it is installed by a lettering company. You then have the choice between frosted or sandblasted  3/8 of inch glass, knowing that frosted glass lets through 80% of light and is the easiest to maintain.

Sandblasted glass can be supplied with custom designs as needed, but its maintenance is more complicated, even with the standard Clearshield coating. We also offer gray or even dark gray, almost black tempered glass.

Glass partitions with different door solutions

The partitions and glass walls of our offices are fully personalized and the choice of doors is multiple. Glass revolving doors and pivot doors, among others, are very popular, but sliding doors can also be used perfectly as a space saver to separate office spaces. Full revolving doors can also be fitted with pivot hinges, even without a frame.

Due to their ease and flexibility, pivot doors are the most widely used today. These can be placed freely in the room or between the glass walls. They are mounted on the finished floor and ceiling, with no parts embedded in the floor. The hinge system is fully integrated into the door frame.